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15421 Southwest 39th Terrace 1200 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables 15421 Southwest 39th Terrace 1200 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables


401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Physical Inspection

We Physically monitor and measure your property on a quarterly basis and intimate you the status of your property

View your Property videos and photos from any part of the world.

You will have to personally visit or else depend on others, too time consuming and may be an unreliable dependency.

700 Front Street, Key West, FL
Mail/Upload Photographs

View your property from anywhere, anytime, your Property Photographs will be uploaded quarterly on our website/emailed.

View your property from any where, any time across the globe.

Visit every now and then, worried about what happened, spend time and money without peace of mind.

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Local authorities

We forward your complaint to the local authorities on any unauthorized occupations, encroachments, dumping of debris, unlawful activities etc., with your consent and keep you updated on any further the action to be taken.

Support, guide, advise on the necessary course of action and follow up with the authorities , your physical presence is not required.

You will be running from pillar to post , leaving your work and take leave often to follow-up.

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Katha Transfer

We ensure that your documents are up to date and if required we will obtain the documents on your behalf.

Your documents are up to date and your property is safe and secure, legally you don't have to run from one office to the other to obtain the documents, we will do all the paper work.

When you are planning to sell or take loan, without these documents it is just not possible, you will have to run from one office to the other to apply and get the documents.

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Payment of Betterment Charges

We pay the Taxes/Betterment/Development charges to the concerned Government Department on your behalf.

Save time and relax

You end up paying penalty, and face legal complications.

15421 Southwest 39th Terrace
Legal opinion

We support you with qualified lawyers on any property related Legal matters.

We will put you on to our trusted and experienced property lawyers who will advise and guide you on your property issues.

You might end up with a lengthy legal complications.

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Property documentation

We Draft Sale / Gift/ Partition & other deeds.

All drafts and service handled by Professionals/ Legal Experts.

May be misguided, have to spend more and the documents prepared may not be Authentic.

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Liaison Works

We do all kind of Liasoning with the various government departments and obtain the permision on your behalf/consent.

Save time and money, You don't have to waste your time , leave and run from pillar to post.

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Survey and measuring properties

Provide certified Surveyors to survey and measure your lands / sites.

You get the right property with the right measurements

May not understand the boundaries.

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami

We arrange to errect a compound or fence on your site and display “Trespassers will be prosecuted” along with our contact numbers. ,

Avoid encroachments and unauthorized occupations.

Chances of encroachment and unlawful activities.

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Cleaning of Property

We, remove unwanted debris and garbage and clean the property.

Your property is clean and tidy, no pests and snakes, happy neighbors.

You will receive notice from BBMP and you may end up paying penalty. Nuisance to neighbors.

700 Front Street, Key West, FL
Property valuation

We provide certified valuators to value your property.

Helps you to get timely loans, will get to know the right value of the property.

1903 Hollywood Boulevard
Property Registration

We support you with complete documentation and registration formalities.

Relax and just come just to sign the paper.

Tension, worry till the registration is complete.

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Background verification

Want to be sure on the authenticity of the seller / buyer , we will verify their background details and submit a report

You are sure of dealing with geniune people

You may fall into unwarranted problems

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Appointing security guards

We will provide security guards at your property as required by you.

Property will be monitored round the clock. Detters trespassers from taking any undue advantage.

Chance for anyone to trespasss into your property.

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Electronic Security

We will install CCTV Cameras for you buildings and you can monitor your property from anywhere on the internet.

Monitor your property 24/7 from any where, any time and helps you to take instant decision.

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